Zzy debut EP “Phobia” out now on Abstrakt Reflections

Here’s my remix for Zzy debut EP “Phobia” out now on Abstrakt Reflections. It also includes fantastic remixes by Andrew Course, Renoizer, Lokom and yours truly.

Phobia, as the title show us, explores the universe of five phobias. Each track is about a particular phobia (Acrophobia, Autophobia, Chronophobia, Eosophobia, Gnosiophobia). Phobia is like a small story that includes an abstract struggle between fear and humanity.

Stream or download in high-quality MP3 & FLAC 16/24bit!
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New release on Abstrakt Reflections: Enkephalin presents “Scntst”

Hello everyone! I am really glad to see this release from Enkephalin finally out. Hope you enjoy it :)

“This album is about the memories and the small stories we all make when we hear the name’s of well-known scientists… For Enkephalin it’s how we associate urban legends to feelings, emotions… Just like a trip in space and in time, this album is a mix of historic paintings, melancholic, linked to the modernity of electronic productions…”

Stream or download in high-quality MP3 & FLAC 16/24bit!
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Featured on the new Monster X EP “Democracy” / Out now on Abstrakt Reflections

This latest work on Abstrakt Reflections shows a deeper, colder ferocity and more mature side to his production.

5 tracks take shape from the giant machine workings of “Diplomat”, to the halfstep growl of “Prince of Captagon”, the metallic beat hailstorm of “The Day I Watched You Killing Your Family”, the low-slung mechanoid hip hop of “Human Walls” to the ghostly numb ambience of the final track “Prison Earth”.

4 equally deranged and diverse remixes come courtesy of Scald, Balkansky, c0ma and My Gloomy Machine As ever the music remains dystopian and futuristic, yet the not-too-subtle track titles suggest inspiration and anger drawn from current world events.

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Interview for Unknown Art (China)

For those into IDM/ambient/experimental music, this might not be the first time you hear about Wave Function Reconstructed China tour brought to you by Broken Thoughts Duo. However, the netlabel behind the project, Abstrakt Reflections, might still be fresh to most Chinese fans.

Abstrakt Reflections is a netlabel focusing on ambient/experimental electronic music. Based on Creative Commons license, they provide free download for all their releases. The label is fully non-profit.

Following the same principle, AR artists make highly creative music, free from any commercial aspects. We have the honor to interview Paul, founder of the label and mastermind of c0ma, to share his thoughts about the label and electronic music.

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Abstrakt Reflections Takeover on The Sedna Sessions New Year Showcase

Showcasing the very best electronic artists and DJ’s to get 2016 off to the very best of starts on UP DIGITAL MIXLRDecember 31st 2015-8pm to January 7th 2015-10pm U.K. time

Andrew Course / Broken Thoughts / c0ma / Flint Kids / Lokom / My Gloomy Machine / Ynoji / 6SISS

Abstrakt Reflections Takeover took place on January 1st at 1 AM (UK Time).

You can now stream all the Takeover from Abstrakt Reflections Soundcloud!

More info:

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Flint Kids “Elements” Contest V/A’s “Antibody” & “Field Emitter” OUT NOW on Abstrakt Reflections


Finally. The wait is over.

Earlier this year we released a Free Samplepack by Flint Kids that accompanied his “Sancerre” EP.

Followed by a great deal of positive feedback, we decided to hold a contest: entrants were to simply make a track from the sounds in the pack + a handful of their own, but no more. Best tracks were to be released on a compilation but we received so many high quality tracks that we had no other choice but to make two compilations.

The result of this experiment are these two V/A’s entitled Field Emitter (18 tracks) & Antibody (10 tracks).

[AR_050] V/A: Antibody (View Release Info / Stream / Download)
[AR_051] V/A: Field Emitter (View Release Info / Stream / Download)

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Remix featured on Ralp’s “Cyborgraph” / Out now on Abstrakt Reflections

Cyborgraph is a collision between analog and digital, hardware and software, complex and primitive workflows.

Ralp uses experimental methods to compose patterns and complex sequences, based on graphic logarithms and pseudo random calculations mixed with lots of distortions techniques. It is basically an exploration of how vintage and modern equipment can interact together.

The artwork represents some pseudo random sequences located in the timeline that he implemented to compose some rhythms.

This 6-tracks EP includes remixes by JFrank, XZICD & c0ma.

Stream or download in high-quality MP3 & FLAC 16/24bit!
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Remix featured on Andrew Course “Phoenix Down” on Abstrakt Reflections

Glad to finally drop this release on the label. Recommended listening.

“Come, take flight with Andrew’s digital phoenix in his pixellated glitchy soundscape. Experience the uplifting liberation from a tumultuous deep scratch on the vinyl, and let him push you straight into the depths of a distorted sound pit.”

Phoenix Down” features remixes by Lines, Mr Moogyagi and yours truly!

Stream or Download the whole release in high-quality MP3 or FLAC 16/24bits here.