c0ma (Abstrakt Reflections Mix) / The Sedna Sessions New Year Showcase 2020

“Label boss c0ma presents yet another special Abstrakt Reflections mix for The Sedna Sessions New Year Showcase 2020– Featuring some of what has been released on the label throughout 2019.”

01. ZZY – Mariana
02. Multiple Sense – A Room For Two
03. Molez – One Remark (Zohell Remix)
04. Asceptic Siliceum – Depth Lights
05. Wave Resistance – Hermetica
06. Molez – Hard To Come (c0ma Remix)
07. Michael Valentine West – Flutter
08. Molez – After One Another (Hypercube Remix)
09. Molez – Time (Man From Sol Remix)
10. Man From Sol – Vacuum Processor (oddlogic Remix)
11. Man From Sol – Fracture Vectors (Blockdata Remix)
12. Man From Sol – Endlessly Tangent Cycles (CLAUDE Remix)
13. Man From Sol – Outside Context (Lokom Remix)
14. Vladimir Belayev – History Form

Molez – Hard To Come (c0ma Remix) / Abstrakt Reflections

After years of experimenting with generative sounds, sonificated timbre, unusual percussion and unique atmosphere, Molez made a backtrack to his musical roots with “One Remark“. He crossed his 2 favorite styles: techstep drum&bass and glitch-hop, trying to put sci-fi nature into a slower tempo but still maintaining the energy of the dancefloor.

Featuring remixes by c0ma, Man From Sol, Zohell, Monster X & Hypercube.

Stream/Download in high-quality:

Unleashing “Hollow World” – new techno track part of “Contagio Vol. 3” V/A on SUBSIST Records

Honored to be part of Subsist records “Contagio Vol. 3” V/A with “Hollow World” – a new dark techno from the abyss. Special thanks to Fon (label owner) for giving me the opportunity!

“Subsist (established in 2009) is a label dedicated to delivering cutting edge underground electronic/techno music to the world stage. Each EP or album will showcase a selection of tracks in all shapes and forms from talented electronic music producers across the globe.”



Man From Sol – Black Box Cognition (c0ma Remix) / Abstrakt Reflections

Man From Sol presents “Fracture Cycles“, his debut EP on Abstrakt Reflections available here – featuring astonishing remixes by Blockdata, oddlogic, CLAUDE, c0ma & Lokom.

“The movement of historical time is catalyzed by the cycles of production that constitute our social totality. When these cycles and this linear march entwine and lose any semblance of mutual control, their inexorable trajectory is towards rupture. Emergent cycles of higher complexity and abstracted alienness to those of us subjected to them exacerbate the very dynamic from which they were borne, but offer the only way out: fracture.”

“I was fortunate enough to grab the attention of c0ma, label boss, who very enthusiastically wanted to give Fracture Cycles a home on Abstrakt Reflections. The original EP was just the 5 tracks, however he encouraged me to put the release off a few months to have enough time to accrue quality remixes of each track. In addition to doing a remix himself, he also introduced me to Blockdata and Lokom, two veritable dons whose remixes blew me away. The other two remixes were from glitch.cool maestros oddlogic and CLAUDE. A couple of these remixes came out better than the original tracks, in my opinion, and all 5 of them together turn this EP into something special.”

– Man From Sol [Read full post @ glitch.cool]

“Fracture Cycles has it’s home on Abstrakt Reflections, an Argentina-based label and platform that eschews trend in favor of pure flavor. Stretching back to 2010, their catalog is an IDM treasure chest. In their own words, they are “a creative space for abstract rhythms.” Their artist roster features 55 innovative producers and engineers from across the globe, all with the same intention to skew rhythm and tone in any direction imaginable. Given the complexity and fidelity of Fracture Cycles, the record couldn’t possibly be more at home.”

– The Rust [Read full post]

Stream/Download in high-quality:

c0ma & ZZY – Shards

c0ma & ZZY come together to create a mysterious soundtrack with experimental influences. The dark vibe is here running through your mind!

Produced and mixed by ZZY and c0ma
Mastered by ZZY

V/A: S27​-​X / Section Twentyseven marks 10 years

Section Twentyseven marks 10 years of underground electronics, mangling ears and brains since 2009.

2-part V/A featuring some of the most exciting artists in the scene! Hoping you like the collaboration track I did with my friend Zohell.

Featuring: c0ma, Zohell, Hypercube, Nuanæ, Jfrank, Michael Valentine West, Monster X, MTCH, V∆l∆nc∑ Ðr∆kës, Qebo, Weldroid, XZICD & many more!

Art direction by ʞounterpart


EXE Project Techno Mix

“In 2019 we kick off our mix series with a player known to many to have no boundaries, Buenos Aires based music producer and label owner c0ma presents us with a cold and almost sterile techno mix for our listening pleasure.

c0ma has been a key player in the electronic music scene for a number of years, releasing his own music as well as releases by artists such as Balkansky, Monster X, The Ghost Of 3.13 and Flint Kids from his own imprint Abstrakt Reflections.”

001 – Belief Defect – Unnatural Instinct [Raster-Noton]
002 – Oscar Mulero – Ataraxia [Semantica Records]
003 – Drojji – Rid [Kaer‘Uiks]
004 – Drumcell – Conflict Divide [Dystopian]
005 – Oscar Mulero – Texture (Shlømo Remix) [Warm Up]
006 – c0ma – Signal Flow [Self-Release]
007 – Jeroen Search – Interval [Figure]
008 – Lewis Fautzi – Deception Transmission [PoleGroup]
009 – Takaaki Itoh – Wisher [Mord]
010 – Bas Mooy – Tilt [Mord] 0
011 – Reeko – Damage #1 [Mental Disorder]
012 – Seleccion Natural – Transmutation [PoleGroup]
013 – Drumcell – Empathy Box (Hypoxia Mix) [Dystopian]

More Info:
exe-project.com / Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp